Tunguska Event by Jarl | Envenomist

Theme albums can be in many ways a way towards finding a new language through music built up around a phenomenon or a subject of interest that some musicians find it viable to convey some interesting sounds through it. David who was working as Evenomist and Luasa Raelon and Erik who was in IRM, Skin Area and solo act Jarl has prepared an album that is somewhat a measure what can an noisy ambient music with psychoactive quality do in terms of telling the story of historical event which hasn't been properly explained and until now it is stilll considered as an introduction to mysteries of nature and universe. What I mean by that is Tunguska event in Syberia, early XXth century.
5 tracks and 5 different pieces of music soaked in drone'y ambience with some spurts of pot-industrial beating and minimalistic evocative synthadelia.
Great soundtrack for old school space mind travel and attentive listening practice.


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