raphael roginski plays john coltrane & langston hughes african mystic music

An acquired taste for re-inventing the roots of your own inspirations or in any other case the roots of music seems at times to take hold of the other feelings when you approach a stupendous flux of stuff that is not necessarily rephrasing things anew. With much of the virtuoso approach the chances are that the spirit of long lost and gone is never to be acquired again but acrrued with amounts and tonnes of the energy that is plainly empty.
Raphael Rogiński, known for his surf klezmeric mystical sound opens his own private door to solo expression with fuzz and buzz of imperfection that is largely due to the fact that he really embellishes the intuitive aspect of his playing with natural and astoundingly flexible openess to encapsulate the details and tidbits of how the music should sound when it comes straight from amplifier and mind-heart juxtapose paradigm rather than plasticified by overrated sound-design.
His other natural ability is the sense of experiment which is never a la-di-dah sophistication, a contrived loss of energy and time and never to be fully acknowledging the act of natural flow.
Sounds bite when you listen to it, console you in a strangest of ways as it is raw and unpolished version of mystical experience - straight outta, logically conducta...ramble on...


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