Norewgian brothers Christian and Fredrik Wallumrød develop a nice idea of experimenting with electronic music which has a beaty meaty feel to it. Growling of the bass, a thunderous one with lots of glitchy backgrounds. It's dense and clear-cut, seemingly demanding but in fact very much focused of form&function which helps to be more accessible and truly inspiring when you think of getting yourself into Ballardianesque obscurity elevated to the intricacte level of sophistication and being at the same time full of elusive simplicity. Christian with his background in acoustic improvised music, an accomplished pianist and a protagonist of ensemble based compositions only adds a spice to it when you think of how much different is this brothers' combo from his usual stance. If you like experiments with minimalistic electronica, feeling of Pan Sonic or alike - glitch yourself in - but there is always more than that. I really dig it myself