Secrets of the Moon (under a new monicker: FALLEN) by The Child of A Creek

Released by Psychonaigation records from Ireland newest album of Fallen, previously known as Child of a Creek is a highly elaborate, instrumental piece which can be easily classified as ambient music. To some extent it is obviously true - a piece of work that is stunningly arranged with not only the obvious array of electronic instruments but also oboes, santoors and guitars - a highly melodic and narrative in its own kind made me think of 1980's influences in a most gentle of ways transposing traditions of that era - especially 4AD, Coil, Asmus Tiechens, Zoviet France, Rapoon and later shades of SPK as well as more classical stuff like Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze or even illustrative mantras of Popol Vuh. But for what's it's worth - it goes individual path.
Somehow it makes me think that such a great album needs really a more elaborate cover, and I am not talking about visual aspect but the aspects of plastic cover that might be replaced with something more handmade.
Secrets of the moon has plenty to offer, you can use it as a soundtrack for meditation as well as an illustrative piece which helps you to experience the poetry of the sound - linear and harmonious, nevertheless always giving food for thought and senses.


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