Mia Zabelka "Monday Sessions"

Mia Zabelka's second album strikes me as a great combo of ideas she might have used in any musical genre. I am not biased by her involvement in such a diversity of different musical projects but merely think of her work as something of a spatial event which can embody immersion in different forms and succumbing itself into unknown yet manageable thanks to her skills - arena of sounds. How much you can get from one instrument so much underrated sometimes overrated depending on the genre and give it second life when you think of how much more meaning it can have when you supposedly open yourself to it and re-invent it.
Step by step, composition by composition I can see that her main flaw is not trying to reach something behind the borderline of sound but it is just to get the full swing of heartfelt and intellectually challenging yet keeping the strain of existential faucet.
It is rare to have a talented person who can push forward the boundaries within quite an exhausted genre such as free-improv. Good Stuff!!!


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