The Magic Carpathians "Biotop"

Magic Carpathians project which started in late 1990's still going strong..
It released its new album after 4 years of workshops, journeys. As usual we have a beautiful array of ethnic instruments, many of them are quite rare and have their own stories embedded in anthropological context of biodiversity in regions they come from.
This time Magic Carpathians got themselves into less improvisation and accentuated the actual quality of the melodious songwriting. Anna Nacher presents it on her vocal side and along with synthesizers, guitars she puts a solid base. There are other people onboard such as Małgorzata Tekiel who plays bass guitars, long-time collaborator - Janek Kubek on tablas, Maciej Frett from post-industrial Job Karma.
I get the sense that this album both beautifully released as a vinyl and cd seals all those years of experiments into beautifully embellished unit of craft with emphasis on the composition rather than improvisation, orchestration of the ethnic acidity of post-post music genres that have dwelt in those mountains for good couple of years and opening a new chapter.
Maturity, that;s the word
But it only seems that these are people having their fresh start into ultraworld of sounds and little flashes of enlightenment... seems like a perfect mixture to me


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