Zenial "Minotaur" by Zoharum

Łukasz Zenial Szałankiewicz has been active ever since starting off with glitchy idm underground back at the turning of the two centuries now comes back in full throttle with a vinyl record that should be overlooked.
First of all sound - He has a truly unique approach to get to the insides of primordial drone created with little means using odd camera flash, resonators made of dysfunctional cassette tape recorders and other stuff that helps to make the sound design visceral and yet strangely familiar and warm. No synths just more idee fixe turned all right.
Second of all - compositions - if you look for some typical noise/drone/ambient blend - forget it! Zenial has much more to offer. Field recordings turn out surprisingly out of nowhere. Background micro noise giving a depth to it. Patience and intensity all together
Third of all the design of the package - I have to say - Zoharum has done a phenomenal job as always.
Don't miss it!