Ashtray Navigations presents The Mechanical Abrasions Of (volume one) by Ashtray Navigations

Another gem from Leeds wizards of micro acid magic. There is more beat here than other records I have known so far which gives the acid soloing a little bit more touch of motoric quality to it dissolving the borderline between the psychodelic soloing and synth parades of sound and pulses of beats.
Acid rock derived experimentalism messes up here with truly solar energy of the tracks like Visor which also leave a bitter taste in your mouth by the grit of electronic drum machine repetition.
Can you imagine prog rock on a droney scale without actual ego bloated balloon and harmonious in an interesting way using synth as it was back in hometaping sweet 80's - here you are - Sheen gun.
The last track - Rushes is a soaring background of treated guitar fuzz with plonky beat symphony.
Helps digestion too, y'a know...
Madcap laugh of the polishing wood of 1555th floor elevated to a monkey brain jelly. Just squishy!