Transpositions: an open​-​ended collection of live works by Purgist

The idiosyncracy of certain genres of experimental music leads either to creating a certain limited clique of perception and founding the idea of "live classic" that frankly is a comfort zone for an artist with expectations of having an audience that is quickly pleased, mired and bogged down in their repetitive opinions.
Kowalski, his vanishing point of getting out of the comfort zone amazes me.
He quits, he cuts, he abandons so he could develop.
His new track is a sheer object of beauty - both literally and metaphorically.
Try a sound derived from a mass amount of timed devoted to attentive listening of refreshed muzak e.g. chillwave and transpose it into something deeper - creation of ambience that obviously might be easily recognised when you are into plugin bleep matrix but hey this is not a mall of software.
Transpositions are like an elixir of a deeply concentrated essence where genre of noise ambient drone just doesn't work as an idiom or anything. It's a fully orchestrated chasm of emotions created by a growing and ever developing and self-questioning artist whose flexibility can take you astray.


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