Celer "Another blue day"

Our life can be filled with dexterity of self-management and matters of wonder - droplets of marvel that surround us and enlighten us much more even than anything.
Will Long, an American living in Japan,who produces and creates his music as Celer goes this trail to create exquisite soundscapes.
His cd was released by the mighty Jason Lescalleet's Glistening Examples label, barely evident yet very swift in  putting out interesting stuff.
I guess it's very difficult to write about ambient music since it is often idiosyncratic and although it transfers an audible mirror idea of wonder, it is also prone to a glitch of  naivete and shallowness.
Fortunately this is not the case.
Harmonious as it is Celer gives an outlet to an interesting spacial textures, offering a chance to meditate on far-from-obvious details and transfers your mind somewhere else which a great music should do.
There are only two tracks here but their sweetness as well as simple structure helps to think - there must be something behind this veil.
Step forward gently.

Celer at Glistening examples