JOS SMOLDERS Modular Works 2015Q1 DL Crónica 098

I must admit I have a problem with modular synths. Oh please don't get me wrong - I admire people who deal with them, I just adore the fact that there are some people out there who devote their time and energy to design them, assemble them and produce them.It is wonderful.
The human genious and inventiveness is such a squeeze for the mind that it barely feels like this is a question to defy and argue about.
So here we go with and excellent piece of a experimental music veteran Jos Smolders. It is a vortex of metatextual reference and apostasis of highly organised sound with deep echo of 1960's music experiments.
As I go deeper, I want to know more and more but at some point it gets to self- referential climax where I feel more of a aesthetical pleasure but goes nowehere deeper than that which is a shame. But after all - it's all subjective...