Bader Motor "Drei Drei Drei" by Les Disques En Rotin Réunis, Veals & Geeks Records

These days you rarely get the records that evoke the real, dynamic, robotic-esque spirit of krautrockian extravaganza. So guys - look no more! Les Disques En Rotin Réunis, Veals & Geeks Records has surprised us with cd/lp of new Bader Motor album which comprises all those little elements - it's very motoric - yes, I know it may be a bit of a clichee but heck - the wholesomeness of this album is astounding - it may give you a flinch or two how is it composed. What grasped my attention first is the actual production and the use of different means to convey the idea of it - some of the tracks are brutal electro which doesn't sound repetitive or kitchy. The glitches made by analogue devices sound fresh, the bass guitar or bass keyboard keeps you grounded in your chair, Sleazy vocals may be referred to late Alan Vega's Suicide frontman but they also keep the old Faust's freelance collage quality.
These are simply arranged songs but what's best about it is it will take you ages to really appreciate it on and on and on.
Keeps me going!


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