Jason Grier - Demonstration disc

Jason Grier with his new album - numbly entitled "Demonstration disc" presents a high quality, alchemical mixture that crosses over the genres and classifications. However it may seem - there is not a grain, not an ounce of cheaply done colloquialism of eclectics.
It's a carving of detailed lace where open source data mixes with real voices and real instruments, field recordings - the tissue so dense that, as in highest probe of composition, captures an ingrained sound associations in the way we feel music and blasting it into ultra-space.
Lush electro-acoustic combination of diverse tunes, throngs, pongs, equlibrium of something that wouldn't/shouldn't meet in one jar but surprisingly mellows you in an equivocal polysyllable world of creatively imagined chaos.
The album itself is but a part of a larger construct where the artists offers open sourcing of the library along with tutorials how to re-construct them - all 1800+ of them. Worthy of an artwork - greater than life.