Raymond Boni and Gilles Dalbis "Improvisations 8 pièces pour guitares et batterie percussions"

How much effort can you put into your work when you actually reside on a level of professional experience that could be divided between not just one person but a few?
Duo of Raymond and Gilles is a good example that might as an answer to that.
Two of a perfect pair highly skilled musicians that put a lot of work into revive quite stagnant genre of improvised music on their own terms.
With finesse and motoric energy to make it interesting. The flow of experimental jazz and echoes of RIO music as well as self-established artistic motto that is both unique and steers you away from well-trodden path of generic mistakes that mane improvised musicians make.
What is more important is the fact that the harmony between those two is close to create rhythms and clusters that is no longer improvisation per se but an interesting composition. Something that an improvised music should be.


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