Robert Lippok and Kaan Bulak - Kubus

Great album coming from force majeure artists.
Robert Lippok who is both into visual and sonosphere, known from To Rococo Rot, his solo albums, audiovisual mastry of his performances and workshops where electroacoustics and electronics take the lead. Kaan Bulak who is a talented pianist - inventive and sensual at the same time, blend their creative spirits together to shape it into a composition of six tracks.
The melancholy and melodious aspect of Bulak's piano blends with glitchy and post-techno sensitivity of Lippok. Kubus feels as a well-led composition but has a light-weight feel of an improvisation. Subtlety and delusional mirage quality to it.
Some aspects in their music leads to something more elusive than just an ambient soundscape. There is a well-designed diorama of mystery behind it all. 


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