Kendra Amalie ''Intuition''

Kendra Amalie whom I have known for quite a while comes in full bloom with her newest album insightfully called ''Intuition''
Released as special edition vinyl in two different colours and as a cd brings what Kendra has been working for quite a while now. A blend of evocative, subtle vocals with psychodelic folk, strung up power spiritual transmission. 
Don't get dismayed by the clichee labels - she knows her craft and does it beautifully - her solo album is actually made with a bit of help from the friends. Her core band is the rhythm section - Victoria Robinson on drums, and Sam Cook on bass, and along with that comes Taralie Peterson on cello, Al Moss on pedal steel, Peter McLaughlin on drums, Jayve Montgomery on oboe as well as Brian J. Sulpizio - who mixed the whole album.
It blends lots of psychodelic idiom of music but in a intricately melodic way, unorthodox, with a touch of improvised spirit and experimentation but never to the point where it crosses the border of something less - it is always more - a digestive form of something elusive.
Kendra vocals have this subtle quality to it. On one hand - it feels like she wants to hide behind the wall of sound lace, at times she breaks through it, at other times it feels like she knows where she stands and it is always a leadership position.
She is an industrious personality but she does it effortlessly - expressing what she does best.
It's a music that takes you on a trip with yourself - she is taking you there. And it is a helluva journey... Check out her album and buy it as it comes out on the 6th of August on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records and it is available on spotify.