The absence of rhythm seems a deathly threat to a life pace: it's in or blood, it's in heart's beat, Body fluids flux, rephlex of the intestines, electropulses of brain parts. It resonates with life function and underrated as it may be it causes the retraction between our input of ego and output of the decisions we make.
Wojciech Kucharczyk, founder of Mik label, has largely established himself as a swift designer both graphic and musical, very unpredictable in a most of creative ways and great illusionary cross-referential magus of microbeats which might ensue Harry Partch as an accomplice if he has ever lived to hear glitch, plunderphonics, post-techno and fake disco, Talking Heads infused rhythmadelia that Wojtek blasts off without detterence and faux pas overrated intellectual pretensions - often met in this genre.
Deeper and deeper into the park of micro bursts and rhythmical squelches, his little lemuresque menagerie keeps the fun of its own. Stern and attentive pauses and moves on from theme to theme - in klezmer who uses his fx and synth to create minimal yet so colourful sound - unique and following his own madness.


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