Noise to Silence "Long strings Long Waves Installation"

It's been almost 15 years since Anna Nacher and Marek Styczyński joined forces as Magic Carpathians - an interactive, almost metatextual project which elevates ethnomusicology into outer terrains, experimenting both with form and contents of acoustic and electronic music as well as voice.
Noise to Silence is a 2011 started project which goes a bit different way - it focuses on real time compositions - lots of overtones investigated at width and length to find their meditative aspects.
And more electronic devices utilised to sustain this challenge.
I got a very interesting feelings when I first listened to it. It's elaborate in the way they steer the elements to make compositions in a way that you have the feeling the improvisation takes just a bit of percentage of whole capacity of it but at the same time it's a derivative of composition which doesn't have the burden of sonorism. It's all clear and transparent - droney strings of sounds mingled with field recordings and subtle dulcimer preparations make sense. It has got this spacey feel to it I got when I listen to Ligeti or Hans Reichel thanks to electronic generators and building up tension and passages of sound.
Great sound and nice break from usual style of Magic Carpathians.


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