Kristen - Secret Map

Kristen comes back at last.
The recent years have exploded with re-enactment of guitar music in indie style with a definite marketing aspect of hipstery shoegazing or hipstery folkism induced guitar craft which is basically just anothe marketing outlet for things that apart from the endeavour to emulate some proper vanity energies and ego induced self righteous way towards discovery of what has been already discovered. The idiom of guitar indie music is a sham today so it's so wonderfully great to have Kristen back onboard.
Well-preserved? Meeeh, nah! No way!
Listening to the promo video for the first track I thought - hey this is actually quite groovy and nicely blends quite a noiseish and post-math-rock  experiments with distortion which sounds extremely fresh and not by any chance boring at all.
It all goes downhill from here.
Short for an album but enough timing for the whole lot of songs that don't really need some sort of the prolonging of the energy outbursts and give plenty of reasons - why we should listen to bands that don't release their albums that often and when they do - they cut it embellished way short.
Post rock of 1990's and other guitar oriented influences from that era are somewhat of an echo that helps out ot see and hear a vast amount of space and effortless tacfulness towards creating the atmosphere and actually encouraging to follow the case.
I am really glad that they managed to record a new thing. It's really quite something.


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