Polish scene of 1990's has defnitely left a lot of spheres of musical heritage changed and altered up to the way of generating many sub-genres within certain currents. It enhanced in many ways new approaches towards the compositional value of the tracks.
And strangely enough it gave a new energy of to somewhat dead genres and woodenly sounding bore.
well ... here we have funnily sounding name Trupa Trupa which is filed under alt-rock, a really deceiving file when you consider the influences and the experience of musicians involved which is really diverse.
Having Mikołaj Trzaska, an accomplished jazz musician, who started with legendary Miłość ensemble in 1990's onboard gives an additional asset lifting the guitar-oriented and improvisational objective to completely new level of understanding.
Trupa Trupa is a really special band in my opinion as it pushes forward some very thin edges of the genre borders and swindles it giving a nice feeling both of sound and lyrical quality. Agressive in a way and blunt guitar riffs with some deeper taste to it and poetic as hell.
I really dig this stuff...


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