Yannis Kyriakides and Andy Moore - A Life Is a Billion Heartbeats

Andy and Yannis once again strike me with their genuine sense of exploration new areas in music.
Both of them coming from completely two different worlds: Andy of post-punk DIY ensemble of The Ex, experimenting with ethiopian music and Yannis who is a multi-media electronic artist.
Meeting of the minds blowing me completely away ina serious endeavour to re-define greek rembetika music with affliction towards guitar experimentation.
The cross between the improvisation and proper compostion works out nicely.
First track opening this material - Today is the same as yesterday metaphorically introduces into the facts of life - the connection that omits the generation gap and cultural gaps - how we stand in the culture basically depends on us - on the way we perceive the individual paradigms and elements of it rather than succumbing yourself towards generalised approach of ghettoism. It has a certain cultural and social aspect towards it which helps to become aware of it when you think how the old ghosts of rembetika voices are modified by Yannis encouraged and prompted by Andy with his ever-tracking and zig zaging guitar notes. The further deep it goes - it establishes this equilibrium betwen the snaps of electronics and bursting out modifications of the themes that Yannis provides and helping Andy to introduce his de-constructions. Sometimes it is pin pointed by almost beaty squelches like in 4th track and a background to a voice lamentation. and then whizzing explosion goes into the next track....
Great album really and it's wonderful to see how much of a duo they both are....Just excellent!


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