Thomas Koener is an audiovisual and sound artist dealing with ambience and field recorded sounds.
Thomas Köner: “The title La Barca refers to the solar barque, or sun boat, which
passes through the realms of the underworld (Duat according to Egyptian
mythology) each night to reappear in the east every morning. During two years
of my travels I tried to create a sonic cartography of the places I visited.”
The album is 22 track set of different nuances on the cross of subtle ambient and field recorded sounds he collected between 2008 and 2009.
The elaboracy of it is astounding as in any way can a mature sound designer and an artist create.
Every single bit makes a difference and matters a lot as it is the showcase of the presence paradigm. Presence as we may think of it while visiting places and exploring effortlessly the play of the world that surrounds us.
It may seem only a repetitive idea, a generic idea and in a way you might ask yourself - is there any experiment involved while the file often says: experimental. Well, I think re-evaluating the "experimental" part doesn't necessarily mean that we have to reject things totally out of hand and leave it as they are not bothering really about the labels but giving more emphasis on the actual journey - as a listener. It gives an immense pleasure really.


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