Try To Crawl Out Of It by Alexei Borisov & Anton Mobin

Mathka is a polish label based in Cracow, south of Poland, a historical capital of Poland, deemed as a capital of culture...hey wait - it sounds like a generic leaflet information about something that has completely de-vauled.
Ok, let's start again - Mathka is a label that is personally connected with Audiotong label and platform that managed to come to happen many interesting art events and published a lot of interesting  records.
Alexei Borisov and Anton Mobin's cd comes right in the time when the samizdat diy experimental music crosses another border. Self-financing and self-promoting is way hard at the moment and there are still many people who started in 1990's or even earlier like Alexei who keep the stronghold of ...well I wanted to say genre but it would be really down-trodding as there is no genre to be easily classified but rather an approach of DIY guerilla and re-stating the "obvious" framework of independent experimental music done in self-educating way.
Both Alexei and Anton present the highest quality of experimental sounds not overshadowed by some academic voyages into kingdom of theatrical vanity but stern and direct as it may be, not overdone with some explicit trigger of intense music theory but done in a matter of interesting narrative with partisan freelance approach to the tools they are using, without any inferiority complexes and smug ghettoism of modular synth syndrome or other types of fetishism.
I will come back to this album again and again - obvious as it may seem but there is plenty to dig from here, dwelving and dwelving...


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