Headache by TRUPA TRUPA

Just recently released by Blue Tapes new album by Polish Trupa Trupa caught my attention by smooth production in Dickie Dreams studio. What makes me feel like a guitar oriented rock in a melodious attire - first two songs then quickly moves on to something that is not necessarily that obvious. Magnanimous in their blatant narrative they quickly move on to something more interesting and get on the track with mild experimentalism and raging with seriousness and sense of dramatism. It almost feels like one of the proggy rock solos at one point but luckily it is placated with way more psychodelic reference and timidly reared wildness and bigger amount of melancholy.
You can easily file this album as a reoccuring psychodelic rock which is something trivial to make comparison to but at the same time the album has so much qualities of it that is rather important to make point of. There is so much more to lyricism and poetry in it. I still feel they need to harshen their sound a bit and deepen it with more existentialism - they have every bit and every grain of this quality to do so but ..oh well...time time and development.


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