Automata [ppt30] by Arszyn / Duda

Tomasz Duda and Krzysztof Topolski in free/electroacoustic showcase.
As I knew the career and the work of both of them I expected lots of diverse outcomes and none at the same time. Both musicians have so much in common with many different worlds including: soun art design, free jazz, free improv, electroacoustic improvisation, contemporary classic, underground rock and jazz related genres that it would be an understatement to just limit them to one tone or tail.
Luckily for the material here it all resontes and reverbrates in a great manner of the mastering their abilities to create something  that as elusive as it is cannot be classified but at the same time we get quite a distinct traces of influences and strategies that they master their own principle in what they feel like doing.
Glitchy aspect of the improvisation, acoustic enriched with just few strokes of electronic pulse rather than just going towards one direction. The improvisations oscillate around the minimalism or I would rather emphasize the fact of not overdoing the actual arrangements and having enough space for everything they needed to attain.
The sound of mastering is kindda cool too - recorded in Swedish EMS studio which in its own respect is a legend to last and then mastered by Tomek in his Nagrywex studio.
The album is at the same time so densely accumulated that it feels like having so many stories to tell at the same time and worthwhile listening to it again and again.


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