Pogorzelec "Burnt" by Altanova Press

Sebastian Buczek is, to put it in extraordinarily clichee way - a self-invented creator. Why wouldn't I put him into the classification of an artist? Well, for many reasons, one of which is that Sebastian is just re-inventing himself as a producer - not only in terms of sound art or rather to put it more specifically a unique way of sound art alchemy.
Seba is not only producing himself but other artists on 8" records which are made of various materials, such as shellac or form of plexiglass called poliprolacton which is bio-degradable(sic!).
His album as an art object and in all crudeness and beauty of it put as simply as it could be stands in total opposition to so-called "modern technologies" deriving his production process from completely analogue machines, being close to handmade.It all adds up to magic of it.
The lo-fi aspect of the sound itself has plenty to do with the production process I mentioned before and is full of natural glitches and inaccuracies.
Pogorzelec is merely not an experiment in terms of conceptual story of it but warm sound of it which you can put somewhere between obscure ambience and free-improv stands out of the crowd with melancholical tribute to inner world of daily life observations, occurences, magical phenomena and hauntology of every day use objects.
It's pure magic and alchemy made by a humble craftsman who delivers even more than just a narrowly polished squirm of self-expression. Uniqueness in unique packaging.


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