Fennesz "Mahler remix"

Christian Fennesz strikes again with unexpected material based on Gustav Mahler's samples.

Fennesz was one of the most prolific artists at the break of XXth and XXIst centuries who used laptop as a main source of generating sounds and using it as a means to compose. The term of glitch is definitely one of many that can describe his music but ...
Here he is after over a decade later with his clean cut classical ambient album comprised of 4 tracks which are somewhere between the natural beauty of surround soundscape and repetitive clichee of a bit grimey mood that helps with understanding why many of the fathers of repetition-induced fathers of minimal art have become easy digestible muzak at worst and clear and transparent inspiration for mystical journeys.
There is no surprise here apart from the fact that Christian really got the grip of the material and doesn't loose his steer over it. It's good music and has a nice base to it. It is also something different than he normally serves but that's part of being an experimental music icon.
Decent stuff!