Kucharczyk "Brak"

Wojtek Kucharczyk - a mastermind behind Mik.Musik.!. and projects curated by this label, interesting designer, performer, I am hesitating to use the word veteran or I should rather say a nestor of glitchy beat in Polish experimental music comes back with "Brak" published as a cd and dl.
New cd is full of surprises but foremostly gives an evidence to the restless spirit that drives Kucharczyk to go all the way down and test himself and his own limits. The base of the album is the post-techno skeleton which is embroidered with field recordings, found sounds, melody, lots of acid beats and soundscapes, voices, even Bee Gees cover which sounds excellent. I feel this album is expecially important to Wojtek as this is a fresh new insight into his idea of music straight after a lifetime achievement ( maybe I exaggerate a lil' bit) in a form of personal pilgrimage to the heart of his inspiration - Brazil.
This album is to me a clear representation of a female energy - its pulsating vulva of sound and beat harmoniously, ingeniously and with a sure hand mastered by a person who might be deemed a middle aged but it doesn't seem so when you think about the endless inspiration that his activity and work of art gives - frolicky sense of absurd humour with situationist message and unassuming beauty of form and function that beat - who is a main protagonist plays here.
I guess Wojtek has still an ace up his sleeve but now....LISTEN!


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