Lemon Blossom Gently Pixelating In The Breeze by Ashtray Navigations

Ashtray Navigations elevates the elusiveness of truly psychodelic  magma of noise generated by guitar and loop effects and synth amalgam into something more than just etheral reef of voyage where yo are usually tested for your attentiveness and asking yourself whether you canprolong it or no. Based in Leeds and known for its ingenuity finds its own idiom to sound spacey and not clichee at the same time, to be meditative and not baroquish bog of boredom.
It speaks to me as an individual pattern of light haze tracks that are relaxing and encouraging at the same time as well as giving you the outlet of thinking what might have happened if there was something more to acid rock than just worn out patterns and solos.
Some of the tracks are into pleasantly melancholical feel like "Magenta field" for example - a short etude.
The reverbating sound of wah sound is a god of many faces here going into the thickets and bushes of experimental forest Driving hard bargain but gets as close to being genuine and honest as you can get vide Subterranean head of an ostrich...
How do you spell experimental drums' beatz intonating to the density of electronic lava - listen to Solar Majority.
I like it a lot - a samizdat psychodelic acidness soaked in far-from-exaggeration space pimple.


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