Pieśni z kącika ust by Bordo

Bordo has been around for good couple of years, always on the margin of the independent music in Poland. I guess around 1994/95. Robert and Michał who are both based in Cracow, Poland give a melancholic, bruitistic and quite dark outlet for a piece that has so many diverse links to their interests and how they exemplify in their music
It's experimental, through vocal and the bass it has a reference to dark wave and new wave, Vocal of Robert is a strangely crooner type - gives you an idea how deeply existential they both are.
Bordo also gave me some certain kind of hope towards thinking that the spirit of making music is incessant and restless and will always somehow emerge from the depth of the hiding place in consumerism ridden world, not only as an idiom not to be understood but more of a living idea that has no contradiction - exists as it is.
"Pieśni z kącika ust" gives you quite a profound chance to see the influences traversed into originality and unassuming quality of something that somewhat somehow was gone. But it's not. It's here... still to stay.


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