The Case Against by Howard Stelzer

Howard Stelzer is...
Seemingly the phrase that catches the catcher in the rye has been revoked too many times in the case of the much revered bonhomie of sound and concept that follows the footsteps of somewhat mature picture of an artist.
The cassette tape is...
varnished and tarnished, scratched and diluted medium of old school joy turned into the vast terrain of vast inner landscape.
The elaborate conjunction of white pink green blue and grey cassette noise that is layered into melodious swirl of ambience, dense and giving you the feeling of desolate places which Maine , US is full of.
For the dreaded adventure of being an outcast in the world full of self assuming idioms.
For the part of yourself where no one dares to listen.
For the balance of equities that finally prevails.
For the joy of listening and being shut up.