jeffrey roden: threads of a prayer volume 1

Jeffrey Roden has been on his musical path for good couple of years, first as a professional bassist n variety of genres which gave him a great insight in what his music path needs and how it can be developed.
This double cd that had its premiere on 14th of November 2016 is a set of compositions which might give a sound engineer a quickening of the pulse.
A mark of more than 10 year pilgrimage is an outlet of both intimacy and the skill that Jeff with his ensemble presents.
A reminiscent of spiritual voyages which you can date and relate back towards Arvo Part, Morton Feldman has a highly unique bond of experience and taste in music that is both performed and listened to as an active musician/listener.
A chamber jazz maids and fragile improvisations that are left behind the veil of silence- its dosage gets a fair amount.of  turn.
I am really looking forward to the next part


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