Bartek Kujawski - Daily Bread

Bartek Kujawski whom we know from MIK.MUSIK strikes again and strikes deeply.
His new album which is released in not that much period break than the previous one delivers short but very thoughtful kick.
Previously active as 8rolek, Bartek was one of the main characters in MIK.MUSIK record label which was both progressive musically and in terms of design - flirting with minimalism and surreal messages - we need to give credit to Wojtek Kucharczyk, tireless mastermind of the whole enterprise who is still doing the thing.
8rolek was classified as cyberfolk once which conveyed a great deal of...nothing specific as the labels usually do. The experimental electronic minimalism derived from post-techno made its way to a completely new romance.
Following the footsteps of the previous album which held a concept within a nicely designed frame.
Starts with a percussive intro together with sounds of farmland critters and then moving on to dramatic passages where old school 1980's synth sounds are elevated to the symphonic momentum where the beats are close to some party hype stuff.
What beats me is that everything here although being so intense 6 tracks is so rich in colour and composition values and awareness of music that I am just eagerly waiting for his new output, thinking, what it will be this time? I bet something even more interesting...


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