Pleasure Thief

I came across Pleasure Thief through a project No/No that Cat Ries is one of the members.
Without any expectations I got on to listening her output on the bandcamp page.

Pleasure Thief is a matter of a very intimate, personal ritual that sways its arms through the blend of genres that build an echo that can be felt in Cat's work. Felt - because it's not a downright stream of a pulsatile pampering of artists' ego. In her own respect she is a visionary using the amalgam of the post-post-post genres and foremostly her own voice to get to the core of sound and traverse over that putting her message across.
Her message is both esoteric and volatile - songs which are rather chants or prayers - flashes of self-enlightenment and introvert journeys into the soul of being.
What's great about her work is the subtlety that is her tool. She is singing it to build a bridge over a chasm of human indifference and pointillistic patter of cynism that enshrouds honest pursuit of your cause - even in the world of independent art.


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