Vergessene Träume by Baldruin

Johannes Schebler has been making music under moniker of Baldruin for quite a while.
His newest album "Vergessene Träume" (Forgotten dreams) is released on beautifully designed vinyl of 250 copies.
We all know this elegance of ambient kraut rock which was once shining through the albums of Popol Vuh ( in a more classical manner) or Harmonia or Hans Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius. It's almost an ultimate idiom and an archetype of romantic music with ambitions bent towards electronical experimentation.
Baldruin is somewhat linked to it, I wouldn't exaggerate with the direct lineage but there is a lot of truth to be told here if you think of deeply romantic inclined electronic ambient music.
The formulaic mannerism in Johannes' work is non- existent although through the maestry and elegance we can clearly hear a feasible spirit of sensual spiritualism that you can't deny really.
Minimalistically arranged - it doesn't feel that the tone of this soundtrack is bare. The richness of details - and almost medieval harmonies give you the feel of classical yet slightly experimental trait.
It will be good to come back to those tracks as they are both deeply relaxing and in a poignant way - meaningful. Thank you.


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