TONALIENS s/t 2LP Edition Telemark

Amelia Cuni (voice), Werner Durand (invented wind instruments), Robin Hayward (microtonal tuba), Hilary Jeffery (trombone), and Ralf Meinz (live sound, electronics) make up the line up of this interesting group based in Berlin. 
They come now with a self titled album that showcases the breaking point between the free improv and compositional value of mature development of a musical group that can easily be taken into the realm of modern classical world and would do much better anytime they would seek to produce a piece that can have both quality to it and therapeutical aspect to it.
4 compositions on this double vinyl beautifully put out by Telemark invites us to the world of hidden drone harmony that stems from a combnation of both electronic and acoustic qualities of both with a surplus of a vocalist in this case -  Amelia.
The area of music they navigate through reminds me of a famous quote: "The map is not a territory" - Soundtrack of the voyage we ourselves circumnavigate between our presence in this sonic world and how we basically create the intentional relation with it - these are crucial parts of the sensory process in this little trip.
The trip that can be a message of more perennial in nature.


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