BKK by Mirt

Tomek Mirt whom you might know because of ever evolving CatSun records and recently Saamleeng records devoted to field recorded sounds as well as XAOC devices - a small company producing analog synth modules, strikes again with his new field recorded albums, this time with recordings made in Bangkok, Thailand.
Field recorded albums are usually an invitation to the magnitude of sounds in the either natural organic space of urban areas or their counterparts in man-transformed what used to be natural.
Tomek's album is like an open encyclopedia of sounds where narratives find their own traits and routes to emerge from and hide themselves behind the labirynth of the city that has its own metrum and pitch. A signal to cross the street, distant sounds of cars and muzak blaring from the speakers, people talking and moving across this environment living their lives and routines - this all is being either elicited or extracted by Mirt's microphones and submerged in deeper understanding of how listening is crucial to the whole process.
The other important aspect of this material is the fact that it helps you to comprehend the margins of art in the world of ever-expanding tourism where the actual target is to get lost in the phenomena rather than avoiding it - corporate tourism highlights only some aspects of the environment while creative travelling can be a pathway to find the stories that lie beyond the visible screen.


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