Deer Rut Time by Katarzyna Szczerba • Andrzej Załęski • Tomek Mirt

New album from Saamleeng features three artists Katarzyna Szczerba,  Andrzej Załęski and Tomek Mirt.
Recorded in three different locations - Białowieza, Odra backwater and Osiek nad Notecią in Poland - beautiful nature surroundings which are known by environmentalists for Deer Rut time which is the title of the cd.
Evocative sounds of deer and their surrounding - an enlightened idea to record those in rather grim times when Polish government is embarking on a heavy logging mission especially in Białowieza.
Meditative experience where you might take your mind away on different levels - intellectual - pure aesthetic experience with some deeper thoughts on anthropocentrism in the hindsight, emotional - for me personally related to the country of my relatives.
Brings back the term "beauty" in the classical meaning of it.