Puerile Things Inferno by Bartek Kujawski

Bartek Kujawski a.k.a. 8rolek an his new album "Puerile Things Inferno" has been just released by Bołt Records.
Embedded in both funny, straightforward and blunt messages in the titles he presents a great array of sounds which is far away from the humble beginnings of his lo-fi abstract techno past. There is a great deal of musical energy bursting here. The second track mixes both quasi orchestral synth passages with stacatto of plunderphonic beats and glitchy kitschy psychodelia of brute tectonic quake. The third trakc continues in that mode with helluva deal of intensity.
Bartek obviously rejects any ways to theorise what he does but you can clearly see how much common sense he has in analysing the mismanaged mind of a fb user - its triviality and generic algorithm of quasi- and post- everything we already knew(?).
Love the dynamics of this cd where glitch and agressive rhythmic passages are going along melodic arches and frolics of the pomposity.


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