49°05'19​,​3"N 22°34'04​,​0'E by STROM NOIR / MICROMELANCOLIÉ

An excellent work of joined Robert Skrzyński and Emil Ma'tko forces from invaluable Zoharum label.
A pool of sounds near swanky villa of deteriorated phantasms, somesuch implausibility of how much we strain ourselves to differentiate the jigz and spins of the drone waves together with guitar ambience laden with sound manipulations create a soundtrack for passing through the stations of imaginary journey from godforsaken land somewhere amidst thorny and scrubby cliffs of consciousness.
This material bears something that is timeless, is a link between the classic approach of composing different structures and yet keeping everything in reign of quite an experimental stance.
As always both artists keep high level of artistic awareness and mastering of their own talents.