Norway based singer Eva Pfitzenmaier released her second album simply named "two" with help of two lads in Bergen - Stephan Meidell who mixed and recorded it in his studio Kakofon and Jørgen Træen who kindly mastered it. 
Her elusive work is a facsimile to a wide range of her interests which blend jazz and pop music, glitch, electronics, beat based in post techno and free form of improvised music as well as minimal and blues.
First track is an embodiment of her style - individualistic and elaborate encapsulated in minimal form and therefore travesting the idea that minimal has to be obscure and devoid of something more complexed. A glitch without decimator and ring modulation, jazz and pop without pompousity and vanity of both, rhythm which could be easily clapped but yet gives a great firmanent of the whole piece. Second track is on the other hand a reference to negro blues labour chanting. Third track is elongation of it and pushes the music into free form clean cut, delicate electronic swirl.
the directness and lack of too much over-production is kindda tempting. How about "three"? I can't wait