Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes – Versatile Ambiance

Outside the ancedotal knowledge and evidence of how the mutual friendships and collaborative artwork can endure the trial of time and distance there is so much space for effortless symbiosis of communication, wit and conceptual foundation which spreads way over intellectual bonhomie.

Two protagonists of this story are long time experimentators within variety of frameworks.
Jeph Jerman is probably best known for his home taping project Hands To and handsome solo works as well as collaborative projects. Tim Barnes is living magma of creative energy - performer, curator, percussionist whose experience is used not only in experimental aspect but also in contexts of rock music for instance.
Their work is way over 12 years, comprises of sonic landscape exploration.
Imagine subtleness and intricacy, not always as smooth as you tend to think of nature, skipping the hypnagogue self-important bit of chill and meditative void. Jeph and Tim are insiders - their focused art is not a child-like play. There is a great deal of sterness and humbleness that highlights the true actor and the stage itself here - Nature.