Maciej Szymczuk - Light of the dreams

Maciej Szymczuk comes back again with a new material.
It's his fourth album under his own name and as usual we can feel that it is rooted in a musical exploration between ambience, beat and experimental music.
The theme of this beautifully Zoharum released cd are dreams and the tropes of illusions, oneironautical pathways, surreal visions, journeys on a whim of fantasy and imagination. It roots in a gentile style of childlike fantasy.
Musically although it bears an imprint of Maciek's unique and involving style it made some sort of shift where beats have an afrobeat slice, less glitchy characteristics, dub and ethereal 1980's FM synthesis quality to the ambience he produces.
As usual he pampers the listener with the both quality, length and stern vision of what he does. What can I say? Can't stop listening to it and waiting for a new body of work!