cena holding by lopness

What happens when two musicians involved in free improv music meet and initiate an improvised session together?
Well, the results can be quite predictable - electro- acoustic resonances and a "happening", and "event" that sometimes is good to listen as a one off thing. 
Being critical towards improvised music I guess it is understandable that some of the endeavours don't necessarily fall into places that musicians would like to see but again, some of them tell you a lot about the craftsmanship and rare and genuine abilities of the musicians as they are.
Lopnes is a rare exception - Bruno and Pedro provide us with a musical adventure that is yet subtle and mind boggling. With glitchy sounds and ingenuity and inventiveness. 
What is great about material on this cassette is that it really helps to grasp how an improvised piece can be both interesting and thanks to the skills of the musicians it can be orchestrated, organised in a chunk that wants you to go back to it and listen to the detaIls.
Good stuff!! released July 10, 2017 

bruno silva aka ondness - sound processing 
pedro lopes aka deadact - turntable percussion 

recorded at wühlischstraße 

artwork by Karolina Pietrzyk & Oliver Spieker

Bandcamp page of the project