Post​-​functional Dub Objects by Fischerle

Czaszka Records based in Scotland releases have a diversity and adventure beyond in its flow that rarely happens in idiosyncratic small label world which is both pleasing and surprising.
With Post-Functional-Dub Objects Fischerle who is based in Warsaw brings us to the ultraspace of the musique concrete derived beats and spookiness of urban post post post dub which is marked obviously by Chain Reaction and Moritz von Oswald but to me there is a beautiful string line of linear narrative in this piece that is both rare and unique. Also the beats are carefully designed and devoid of the cliches that any genre can get stuck in.
Fischerle's piece is a good example of how an attentive listener you need to be to get the best out of the bits and pieces that blend together into one pulsating amalgam of rhythm and background sounds. He has diverse language at his disposal and he makes a helluva use of it.


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