Dysnea Boys -I Scare Me

Dysnea Boys' bandcamp page

Oh what a pleasant surprise!
Dysnea boys are Berlin based guys - 4 piece band which sets up on a pivate journey of post-punk/ skate hard core tunes which are all about joy and dynamics. 
The first two influences or something that feels like it is Die Kreuzen and Flipper but there is more to it I reckon. They seem like quite experienced with creating different moods/climaxes and feelings using the crude guitar/bass/drums/vocal means which doesn't mean that this is a primitive album. Jason is definitely a bad boy with charisma and greater sense of artistic demeanor. I know his output as Shitty Listener which is a completely different genre. 
Short, concise tracks which sound very fresh - nothing like having a bit of a hard core punk with DIY spirit and self-released self designed vinyl.
The band has a witty gritty potential of being great live band which is cool too.
I hope they will release something soon.