Piotr Mełech & Wojtek Kurek "Split Here" by Antenna Non Grata

A different game of cards and musical shards.
Piotr Mełech and Wojtek Kurek drag you into more harmonic themes on jazz/blues scale playing a duo of drums and clarinets.
A split between one theme from another to help you ask yourself how you might transpose an idea from possibly unimaginable tonal improvisation into a pensive soundtrack for an intellectual voyage.
The dialogue they are conveying is somewhat a Jules Verne's trip of simple ingenuity and electrical synergy. Well driven set of six compositions where you can find out how is it to be an experienced musician who can also explain the story through its own example.
A bit different take from Antenna who normally would release a different, less tonal and harmony-oriented materials but well worth your time if you like a bit of good old free jasssss.

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