Bill Horist "Mutei: Music For Davida Monk's Dream Pavilion"

I seriously don't know a musician who can be as versatile as Bill Horist. Having experience with magnitude of notable artists and being a humble, hardworking person himself Bill is never on a trait to just let down.
Mutei, his second released work with long standing collaborative artist Davida Monk who is a choreographer based in Calgary, Canada doesn't let down at all.
To be a musician working within improvised music is not a task to be taken lightly. Only a few went a bit forward surpassing the line of sonorous meandering and abstract happenings.
Horist never goes astray creating powerful mode of guitar themes sustaining mystery, chord based progression and definitely rhythmical quality that fits choreography and dance work very highly.
There is also a different level to it - Davida and Bill create a sonic representation of esotheric transmutation of sound into the emblem of deities and beings. It is subtle, elusive but it's there. Wonderful album.


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