HOLO4 Arc – Jacob Kirkegaard

Jacob Kirkegaard has been an active composer for a good bit of time and his expression matured in time as he treads a very narrow path of highly and elusively conceptual sound art, modern composition, philosophical references and as in this piece - historical ones - namely Joan D'Arc and her times.
Stretched over roughly 36 minutes material from "Arc" was actually a commission input for 1928 Carl Th. Dreyer film about passion of Joan D'Arc. A soundtrack that can quite legibly and easily exist outside the context of the picture is a high class in itself aligned with the vinyl format which is not something too shabby to see how the whole unit is presented. Embellished and unobtrusive.
The harmonies of the material slowly tide up and pile up subtly to be felt deeper afterwards. It's quite something to achieve and definitely there is more to that when you think of the whole historical entourage of the mask that bears so many existentialism on philosophical level.
There is some sort of untouched fright that opens slowly. An echo of something lost, some old dreams of pain and ideas that feel humanly impossible now..yet to be understood. Excellent work!