ERIK GRISWOLD Pain Avoidance Machine by room40

Piano has been always a infinite source of inspiration for experimental music artists. Playing tonal compositions as well as prepared maestry of atonality and free improvisational bust of occurences and sonorous flux.
Erik Griswold whose newest material is published by room40 is American- born Australian composer who uses piano as his primary instrument. Derived from his own artist's life occurrences when you come to a deadpoint as you have experimented and explored the ideas coming out of instruments and composing strategies he came to the idea of pain avoidance machine where the construct of  the full throttle of sonic potential halts at the vision of experiencing your inner demons and creating another updated dynamic construct. The one that is field for more subtle exploration on both sides: form and function as well as creative process.
Metallic buzzes and the hologram of rhythm inside the instrument who is actually a territory not just a mapping device makes me feel I am experiencing something more than just music - it is the whole field of the inner sanctuary - and makes me feel important as a listener to be part of it. Which is a rare thing now in the world of ego wars.